Pasticceria Tamborrino

Vincenzo & Cristina Tamborrino

Pasticceria Tamborrino was established in Five-Dock in 2002 by a husband and wife team, Vincenzo & Cristina Tamborrino.
Vincenzo is a Roman-born pastry chef who spent 15 years in his city Rome perfecting his craft and exceptional creations.

Pasticceria Tamborrino

Pasticceria Tamborrino is a contemporary Italian boutique patisserie with innovative and at the same time traditional Italian-inspired pastries and cakes.

Using only the finest ingredients, Pasticceria Tamborrino specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of different flavoured bite-size pastries (MIGNONS), handmade BISCUITS, MACARONS and CAKES, including Semifreddi and Ice-cream cakes.

Sixteen years later, the business is blooming and in August 2018 a complete shop renovation has been undertaken.

The store offers a great range of light lunches including the famous Veal or Spinach and Ricotta ARANCINI, gourmet Pies  and mouthwatering assorted Focaccias.

Pasticceria Tamborrino also provides a full coffee service and for an extra indulgence a selection of ice-cream flavours.

The boutique style cake shop can accommodate clients that would like to enjoy a nice day out in a comfortable modern setting, both inside and outside the premises.

After all these years, we are still committed to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

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